X−Tract is a proprietary blend of low foaming surfactant, organic acids, water conditioning agents and optical brighteners. It is a highly effective cleaner designed to aggressively clean all carpet types without harming the fabric or any stain resistant properties that may exist. X−Tract can be used with all hot and cold water extraction equipment. It’s mild pH insures compatibility with all carpeting, fabric and cleaning equipment.

The carpet or furniture to be cleaned should always be vacuumed and free of debris before extraction to avoid causing further stains. X−Tract can be diluted directly into the solution tank of a carpet extractor. You can also dilute X−Tract into a sprayer. Pre-spray the carpet and then use a carpet extractor with fresh water to rinse.

Once carpet and upholstery have been cleaned, a fan should be used to help the surface dry. Always make sure that the surface is completely dry before allowing regular traffic back into the area.

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