Odor Ban


Odor Ban is simply the most effective odor eliminator on the market today. It is a proprietary blend of, deodorizing agents and odor modifiers which
break down the molecular structures of odor-causing substances. Odor Ban removes odors caused by urine, vomit, feces, blood, mildew, decaying
food, and other organic matter. Odor Ban contains a new cutting edge technology that actually modifies the molecular structure and neutralizes

EXCELLENT FOR: Household areas such as kitchens, restrooms, laundry rooms, drains, pet areas, etc. Odor Ban can also be used at Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Carpet Cleaning, Dog and Cat Kennels, Decay, Decomposition, Trash cans, Disposal Trucks, Sewage Plants, Composts, Rendering Plants, etc.

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